Funeral Homes

Following is a list of all Funeral Homes that are Members of the Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia.

C.F. Sweeny Funeral Home  
51 Phoenix Street Bridgewater NS B4V 2W9
Phone: 902 543-2587
Fax: 902 543-6355
Contact: Adam C. Tipert, CFSP
C.F. Sweeny Funeral Home  
4895 Route 10 New Germany NS B0R 1E0
Phone: 902-644-3656
Fax: 902-543-6355
Contact: Adam C. Tipert, CFSP, Mgr.
C.H. Boudreau Funeral Home Limited.  

633 Veteran Memorial Drive Arichat NS B0E 1A0
Phone: 902-226-3300
Alternate Phone: 902-226-3017
Fax: 902-226-1788
Contact: Norma Boudreau, CFSP
C.L. Curry Funeral Services Limited.  

135 College Street Antigonish NS B2G 1X9
Phone: 902-863-2984
Fax: 902-863-3990
Contact: Chuck Curry
Contact: Jo-Ann Curry
Campbell Funeral Home  
98 Church Street Amherst NS B4H 3B4
Phone: 902-667-9906
Contact: Mischa Zeltner-Manager
Cheticamp Funeral Services Ltd.  
P.O. Box 3 Cheticamp NS B0E 1H0
Phone: 902-224-3422
Fax: 902-224-3422
Contact: Maurice Bourgeois
D.S.Crowell & Son Funeral Home Limited  
P.O. Box 14 Sheet Harbour NS B0J 3B0
Phone: 902-885-2411
Fax: 902-885-2757
Contact: Bruce Crowell
Dana L. Sweeny Funeral Home ( 1988 ) Limited  
P.O. Box 208, 11213 Hwy. # 3 Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0
Phone: 902-634-3942
Fax: 902-634-4192
Contact: Michael Zinck, Mgr.
Dartmouth Funeral Home  
29 Queen Street Dartmouth NS B2Y 1E9
Phone: 902-466-2360
Fax: 902-463-9390
Contact: Phillip Levandier, Mgr.
DeMont Family Funeral Home & Cremation Service  
P.O. Box 981, 419 Albert Street Windsor NS B0N 2T0
Phone: 902-798-8317 (Windsor) 902-538-8317 (Berwick)
Fax: 902-798-8118
Contact: Jonathan Demont
Contact: Emelie Demont
Dennis Haverstock Funeral Homes Limited.  
17 Pitt Street Port Hawkesbury NS B9A 2T2
Phone: 902-625-1911
Fax: 902-625-3566
Contact: Carol Haverstock
Dennis Haverstock Funeral Homes Ltd.  
54 Queen Street Guysboro NS B0H 1N0
Phone: 902 533-3706
Alternate Phone: 902 625-1911
Fax: 902 625-3566
Contact: John Langley
Dennis Haverstock Funeral Homes Ltd.  
26 Centennial Street St. Peter's NS B0E 3B0
Phone: 902 535-3067
Alternate Phone: 902 625-1911
Fax: 902 625-3566
Dennis Haverstock Funeral Homes Ltd.  
12 Main Street Whycocomagh NS B0E 3M0
Phone: 902-756-2446
Fax: 625-1911
Contact: John Langley
Dennis Haverstock Funeral Homes Ltd.  
121 School Street Canso NS B9H 1H0
Phone: 902 366-2308
Alternate Phone: 902 625-1911
Fax: 902 625-3566
Contact: Dennis Haverstock
Ecum Secum Funeral Home Ltd.  
1429 Highway No. 7 Ecum Secum NS B0J 2K0
Phone: 902-347-2619
Alternate Phone: 902-885-2411
Contact: Bruce Crowell
Ettinger's Funeral Homes  
P.O. Box 39 Shubenacadie NS B0N 2H0
Phone: 902-758-3259
Fax: 902-758-2387
Contact: Allen E. MacLeod
Furlong Jones Funeral Home Limited.  
70 Church Street Street Amherst NS B4H 3B2
Phone: 902-667-8777
Fax: 902-660-3150
Email: /
Contact: David Jones
G.W. Giffin Funeral Home Limited.  
17545 Highway 316 Country Harbour NS B0H 1J0
Phone: 902-328-2233
Fax: 902-328-2068
Contact: Wayne G. Giffin
Geo. McLaren & Sons Funeral Service Limited.  
246 Faulkland Street P.O. Box 370 Pictou NS B0K 1H0
Phone: 902-485-4361
Fax: 902-485-3452
Contact: Glenn Livingston, Mgr.
H.C. MacQuarrie Funeral Home  
P.O. Box 1875 Stellarton NS B0K 1S0
Contact: J.C. Glen Fraser
H.W. Angus Funeral Home Limited  
P. O. Box 221 New Glasgow NS B2H 5E3
Phone: 902-752-5022
Contact: Karl Taylor
J. F. Greene Funeral Services Limited  
607 Bernard Street Port Hawkesbury NS B9A 2V2
Phone: 625-2929
Fax: 6253754
Contact: John Greene
J. Wilson Allen Funeral Home  
Highway 354 Kennetcook NS B0N 1P0
Phone: 902-362-2440
Contact: Quinn Rick
J. Wilson Allen Funeral Home Limited.  
General Delivery Summerville NS B0N 2KO
Phone: 902-633-2431
Fax: 902-633-2431
Contact: Reed W. Allen
J.Albert Walker Funeral Home ( 2005 ) Limited.  

149 Herring Cove Road Halifax NS B3P 1K6
Phone: 902-477-5601
Alternate Phone: 902-478-0063
Fax: 902-477-5485
Contact: Mrs. Erin Jennings, Mgr.
J.M. Jobes Funeral Home Limited.  
635 Main Street, P.O. Box 111 Sydney Mines NS B1V 2Y4
Phone: 902-736-2822
Fax: 902-736-0475
Contact: Manning Jobes, Mgr.
J.M.Curry Funeral Home Limited.  
775 Main Street Glace Bay NS B1A 4Y7
Phone: 902-849-7617
Fax: 902-849-7617
Contact: J. Micheal Curry
Kaulbach Family Funeral Home Incorparted  
190 Saint Anthony Street Annapolis Royal NS B0S 1A0
Phone: 902-532-7555
Alternate Phone: 902-665-4497
Fax: 902-665-4737
Contact: Donald Kaulbach
Kaulbach Family Funeral Home Incorporated  
P.O. Box 189 Bridgetown NS B0S 1C0
Phone: 902-665-4497
Alternate Phone: 902-840-0503
Fax: 902-665-4737
Contact: Donald Kaulbach, Mgr.
Lindsay's Windsor Funeral Homes  

194 King Street Windsor NS B0N 2T0
Phone: (902) 798-2232
Fax: (902) 798-2233
Contact: Avery Aker, CFSP-Manager
MacIsaac Funeral Home Limited.  
61 Pleasant Street Antigonish NS B2G 1W6
Phone: 902-863-3414
Fax: 902-863-1989
Contact: Joan MacIsaac, Mgr.
Mattatall ~ Varner Funeral Home Limited  
P.O. Box 751 Truro NS B2N 5E8
Phone: 902-893-3177
Contact: Ed Varner
Meteghan Funeral Service Limited.  
P.O. Box 28 Meteghan NS B0W 2J0
Phone: 902-645-2142
Fax: 902-645-3876
Contact: Roland Deveau
O.G. Eagles Funeral Home Limited.  
P.O. Box 918 Westville NS B0K 2A0
Phone: 902-396-4144
Contact: Arthur Eagles
P & K MacDonald Funeral Home Limited.  
P.O. Box 215 New Glasgow NS B2H 5E3
Phone: 902-752-8866
Fax: 902-752-3537
Contact: Peter MacDonald, Mgr.
Pier Community Funeral Home Limited  
1092 Victoria Road Sydney NS B1N 1L1
Phone: 902-270 -1092
Fax: 902-270 - PIER
Contact: William J. Laurie

Independently Owned & Operated By William J. Laurie

R.A. Corkum Funeral Home Limited.  
48 DesBrisay Drive Bridgewater NS B4V 3H6
Phone: 902-543-3333
Fax: 902-543-2687
Contact: Robert A. Corkum
Contact: Krista Corkum
R.H. Porter Funeral Homes Limited.  
P.O. Box 1 73 High Street New Glasgow NS B2H 5E1
Phone: 902-752-4122
Contact: Brian Hiscott, Mgr.
Ronald A. Walker Funeral Homes Limited  
P.0. Box 134 Hubbards NS B0J 1T0
Phone: 902-857-9594
Fax: 902-857-2272
Contact: Ronald Walker, Mgr.
Rowlings Funeral Service  
P.O. Box 51 Musquodoboit Hbr. NS B0J 2L0
Phone: 902-889-2357
Contact: Daniel Monk, Mgr
S.W. Chant & Son Funeral Home Limited.  
564 Alexander Street Sydney NS B1S 2G8
Phone: 902-539-4458
Alternate Phone: 902-371-0553
Contact: Sheldon Chant
S.W. Smith & Son Limited.  
P.O. Box 245, 403 Main Street Parrsboro NS B0M 1S0
Phone: 902-254-2221
Fax: 902-254-2822
Contact: Ross Smith, Mgr.
St. Mary's Chapel  
34 Main Street Sherbrooke NS B0J 3C0
Phone: 902-522-2801
Alternate Phone: 902-328-2233
Fax: 902-328-2068
Sydney Memorial Chapel Limited  
49 Welton Street Sydney NS B1P 5R3
Phone: 902-539-0500
Fax: 902-567-3830
Contact: Wayne Weatherbee, Mgr.
T.K. Barnard Funeral Home Limited.  
1216 Bedford Highway Bedford NS B4A 1C3
Phone: 902-835-5999
Fax: 902-835-5548
Contact: Mr. Kenneth Barnard
Contact: Janet Barnard
V.J. MacGillivray Funeral Homes  
16 Reserve Street Glace Bay NS B1A 4V8
Phone: 902-849-4505
Fax: 902-849-8343
Contact: Kenny MacGillivary
V.J. McGillivray Funeral Homes  
380 Smith Street New Waterford NS B1H 4K4
Phone: 902-862-6439
Fax: 902-862-7006
Contact: Basil McGillivray-Manager
W.J. Dooley Funeral Home Limited  
107 Pleasant Street North Sydney NS B2A 1L9
Phone: 902-794-3418
Fax: 902-794-1490
Contact: Peter Walsh, Mgr.
West Pubnico Funeral Service Assoc.  
P.O. Box 168 Middle W. Pubnico NS B0W 2M0
Phone: 902-762-3407
Contact: Glenn Diggdon

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