Code of Ethics



Our first responsibility is to those we serve.

We shall maintain complete confidentiality and respect for individual customs and religious practices.

We shall provide professional services of the highest quality with dignity and competence.


Our second responsibility is to the public.

We shall comply with all provisions of the law enacted by all levels of government.

We shall ensure that complete, clear and detailed information regarding our services is available at anytime and devoid of false or misleading representation.


Our third responsibility is to our colleagues.

We shall ensure high standards of education, business and professional integrity.

We pledge our co-operation to all related professions serving the public.


Our fourth responsibility is to the communities in which we live.

We shall be good citizens, support community activities and bear our share of civic costs.

We shall maintain our facilities in good order.



We are determined to fulfill these obligations and responsibilities to the best of our ability.

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