Committee Report

Members Services and Recruitment Committee


Over the past year, you’re Members Services and Recruitment Committee has been working to enhance the benefit of being a member of the Funeral Services Association of Nova Scotia.  To that end, we have been attempting to secure some members programs for the association.

Firstly, pending final board approval at the April 30, 2014, meeting of the FSANS board of directors, we will be entering into a discount program with Lawton’s Drugs, which will provide FSANS members with discounts on in-store purchases as well as on prescriptions for members and their dependents.

Next, we are working towards finalizing a health and dental benefits program with DHC Administrators.  This would be open to any member of FSANS, providing a benefits program that individual funeral homes may find difficult to provide on their own.  It is our hope to have the details of this finalized in time for April 30th board approval and presentation to the membership at large at the Annual General Meeting.

Going forward, the committee will be working to enter into a group purchase agreement for heating oil and propane, both for funeral homes and their employees.  This will require information from the membership at large, and the committee will be attempting to gather that information in the coming weeks.

It has been a privilege to act on behalf of the membership over the past year, and we thank you for your confidence.


Respectfully submitted.

Avery Aker, Patrick Curry, and Glenda Cole

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