Committee Report

Health & Safety Committee 2013-2014


We did not receive any concerns from our membership, to be addressed.

Kollin has been in touch with a Chiropractor who would be willing to come to a General Meeting of the association to present on back and knee health in our industry.  We were not able to get everything in place for the AGM, but perhaps this could happen for our Fall General Meeting.

I have been in touch with the Work Safe, For Life (WCB of N S), have received some booklets and information sheets, these today (May 1st) if more are required let Kollin or I know we will get them to you.  

Glenda now receives the monthly copy of their newsletter both Kollin & Glenda read over this letter to see if anything new applies to the Funeral Industry.

We would like to see WHIMS training up dated more info to follow on this in the 2014/2015 year.



Respectfully submitted.

Kollin Weatherbee and Glenda Cole

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