Continuing Education

There will be credits seminars available at the FSAC National Convention being held in Regina, Sask., June 6-9, 2012.

Credits also available for the following.

             We, the Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia, are pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Matt Bowes, Chief Medical Examiner of Nova Scotia, allowing licensed embalmers in Nova Scotia another source to earn professional development credits.

             Dr. Bowes has agreed that he and his staff will host small groups of one, two or three embalmers at a time to view an autopsy be performed. The autopsy will be performed and also an opportunity be given to express concerns or questions as to why some things are done differently from case to case. This has been approved by the Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and will count as two embalming credit hours.

             This opportunity will be available at the Pathology Lab at the VG Site, QEII in Halifax. There is no cost for this other than individual costs of getting to the city, meals and accommodations if an overnight trip is planned.

             It is very important that when you sign up for this opportunity that you absolutely be able to be there when you are booked in. Dr. Bowes has been gracious enough to accept our request and anyone participating should be sure the times they book themselves in for is a day off or guaranteed time off.

             Bruce Varner of Mattatall ~ Varner Funeral Home in Truro is heading this committee. When you call Bruce to register, your name will be placed on a master list. Dr. Bowes will contact Bruce the evening prior to the day an autopsy suitable for our purposes will be performed. At that time, Bruce will start calling through the list until he can confirm attendance. He will then fax you a form to be signed by Dr. Bowes or his staff. This form must also be signed by you. It is then your responsibility to mail the form with the original signatures to Bruce so that he may sign it and submit it to the Registration Board to credit your file. It is suggested that you make a photocopy of your form before sending it in the mail. Autopsies are performed most every day of the week, however, there is no guarantee that one will be performed every day. Dr. Bowes will contact Bruce early the evening before a scheduled autopsy and Bruce will contact you as soon as possible after that to book you in. If more advanced notice is available, it will be given.

             Bruce Varner can be reached at the funeral home by calling (902) 893-3177; home at (902) 893-9165; cell at (902) 890-9291. The forms can be submitted to Bruce by mailing them to: P.O. Box 751, Truro, NS  B2N 5E8. No faxed forms will be accepted.

             We are very pleased to be able to provide this added opportunity to earn credits. Some of you may have seen an autopsy be performed, however, there are many who have not and this is our chance to learn what happens.


   Continuing Education Credit Form

Viewing An Autopsy – Embalming Credit – Two Hours


I, ___________________________ (Pathology Lab, VG Site, QEII), hereby

confirm that ________________________ (Name of Embalmer) was present during an

autopsy conducted by my office on ______________________________ (Date)

The embalmer was present for the duration of the autopsy and an opportunity was given for any concerns or questions they may have had.

Signed in Halifax this ___ day of ______________, _____


Pathologist Signature


Embalmer Signature


Bruce Varner

Date Received/Signed








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