Health & Safety

Co Chairpersons:

Kollin Weatherbee, Director

Glenda Cole, Director



Terms of Reference

  1. Develop processes, procedures, criteria, requirements, and methods to attain the best possible management of the hazards and exposures that can cause injury to people, and damage property, or the environment.


  1. Promote general members of the Association to contribute by exchanging ideas and other different approaches to make sure that everyone who is a member of this professional association, possess OHS knowledge and have functional roles in the development and execution of safety procedures and make aware of any incidents that other members could use as a learning tool in their own daily operations.


  1. Assess services, outcomes, methods, equipment, workstations, and procedures by using qualitative and quantitative methods to recognize the hazards and measure the related risks.


  1. Examine all possibilities, effectiveness, reliability, and expenditure to attain the best results for the Association and its members concerned.


The Occupational Health & Safety Committee shall consist of a minimum but not limited to  four (4) members.

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