The inaugural meeting of the Nova Scotia Funeral Directors’ Association, Inc. was held in Sussex, New Brunswick from September 1 – 3, 1908.

The Association adopted as their emblem the old British emblem of the North West Territories, Canada.


The Nova Scotia Embalming Act was passed in 1912 #176, Book 1.


The Maritime Funeral Directors’ Association had to be dissolved in order to bring legislation into each Province.


The Maritime Funeral Directors’ Association was officially terminated in the Argyle Hall, Halifax in 1914.


The Funeral Directors was formed in 1932.


The Nova Scotia Licensed Embalmers Association’s Act was amended in 1938, but was never passed. At the 12th Annual General Meeting in 1946, President Robie H. Filmore asked each member to make it his duty to contact the local Member in his constituency and explain to him why it was necessary to have this Act passed. This Act never went to Governor in Council for approval.


In 1963 the by-laws were amended and they changed there name to include the Funeral Directors, to the Nova Scotia Licensed Embalmers’ and Funeral Directors’ Association.



And on May 13, 2004, the following changes were made.

The Governor in Council on the report and recommendations of the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations dated April 23, 2004 and pursuant to Section 4 of Chapter 119 of the Acts of Nova Scotia, 1933. The Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia Act, is pleased, effective on and after May 13, 2004, to:


(a.)           Repeal by-laws made by the Nova Scotia Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors Association and approved by the Governor in Council by Order in Council 78-813 dated July 18, 1978;  and


(b.)           Approve new by-laws made by the Funeral Service Association       

Of Nova Scotia in the form set forth in Schedule “A” attached to and forming part of the report recommendation.


Schedule “A” can be found in the member's only section. 

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