Legislation & Political Action


Lisa Smith, Director

Jonathan DeMont, Director




Terms of Reference


  1. The purpose of the Government Relations committee is to maintain and encourage open dialogue with the Government Departments, Agencies and Committee’s that are stakeholders in the Association.
  2. This committee shall continue its mandate to lobby, namely the Department of Community Services for rate increases for services rendered under the Departments regulations.
  3. This committee shall continue to work with any and all Departments or Organizations (example : Last Post Fund, Veterans Affairs) who hold particular interest in providing dignified and financially feasible services in terms of those services offered by funeral homes.
  4. The Committee serves to represent, promote and advocate the information policy interests of the Association regarding policies and regulations and other developments that may affect the Association membership and in their businesses.
  5. The Committee shall inform the membership of notable information policy issues and other relevant matters and provide educational opportunities and tools for the membership in information policy and advocacy
  6. This committee shall consist of a minimum but not limited to four (4) members.
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