Member Srvcs & Recruit.


Patrick Curry, Director
Avery Aker, Director





Terms of Reference



  1. Welcome new members.


  1. Prepare a membership welcome package. Include a welcome letter from the President including member log-in information for the member only section of the website and a handbook with listings of all members of the FSANS, a copy of the By-laws.


  1. Continuously look for benefits to make available to the FSANS members. Represent the members concerns and lobby government.


  1. Identify communication media needing enhancement and improve member satisfaction with overall communication. Update and maintain the website and give it a fresh look. Prepare and distribute a Member News Bulletin.


  1. Identify issues to be communicated to the membership via email or member news bulletin.

Such as changes to legislation, professional development opportunities, member deaths, resources, etc.


  1. Encourage collegial relations among FSANS members by providing networking opportunities.

Examples : Hold town hall meetings and professional development sessions in several regions of the province, Director’s meetings and perhaps, host a reception or coffee hour for members prior to the meeting.


  1. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding communication materials, member benefits, and events/opportunities to enhance community relations and collegiality among FSANS members.


  1. The Member Relations Committee shall consist of a minimum but not limited to two (2) members.
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