Prof. Develop. & Education


Bruce Varner, Director

Lisa Smith, Director




Terms of Reference


1.  The primary purpose of Professional Development and Education committee is to develop educational seminars of topics relevant to the funeral directors license and the embalmers license.


2.  To maximize the opportunities to offer workshops and seminars to the members in providing educational opportunities and skills to the membership which will enable personal growth and knowledge in the workplace.

  1. Workshops, conferences, in-service training, research and development and pilot programs are examples of the avenues available for professional development and education.
  2. It shall not be the Committee or the Association’s sole responsibility in providing sufficient and adequate numbers of credit earning seminars, workshop, etc. for licensees to maintain professional licenses per reporting period, but solely to work for the betterment of the membership in providing additional opportunities.
  3. This committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members.
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