Self Governance Ad Hoc Committee


President - Adam C. Tipert, CFSP






  1. The purpose of the Self Governance Committee is to investigate, explore and present any and all possibilities of what Self Governance is, how it is formulated, constructed and empowered to operate.


  1. The committee shall satisfy the necessary expectations of the General Membership by means of presentation of all gathered information for approval and further instructions


  1. Preparation of a Feasibility Study shall be conducted. Information gathered, stakeholders considered and a formal presentation of relevant structures, finances and proposals be presented to the Board of Directors and general membership at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. An implementation plan or “action plan” will be required once the previous two studies are completed. This plan will begin to develop the necessary steps, stages and devices that will be necessary to implement Self Governance in the province for Funeral Services.


  1. Recommendations and Leadership will be expected by this committee to the Board of Directors the General Membership and all stakeholders affected and changed by Self Governance.


  1. The committee will be responsible for implementing a plan of action to introduce Self Governance to the Regulatory Body “Board of Registration”; the Provincial Government,  Minister, Deputy Minister, Registrar, Deputy Registrar, those who currently oversee and mandate the Acts by which funeral services is governed; the public, to ascertain their support, the understanding of Self Governance and the understanding how the public will benefit and be protected under the new structure.
    To help and assist in implementing and establishing the new governing body, procuring the necessary inventory, facilities, equipment and supplies to begin operating in the new model.
  2. As directed by the General Membership, the Self Governing Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members but not exceeding five (5).
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